Off-load tap changer

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Off-load tap changer

In this method, the transformer is disconnected from the main supply when the tap setting is to be changed. The tap setting is usually done manually. The off load tap changing transformer is shown in the figure below

We at Krishna Power transformers are continuously concerned with providing our client-ship with the best quality transformer service which is reliable in every situation. ABC transformer is a major name in distribution transformer manufacturers in India. Our product is tested on various parameters and manufactured with the use of efficient qualitative material for its proficient functionality.

We guarantee to keep the level through the utilization of standard fittings such as the two earthing terminals, air release device, and breather. Adding to this we also design our transformers with oil level gauge, drain cum sampling valve, oil filling hole, thermometer pocket, lifting lude, explosion vent device, filter valve, arching horns and off circuit tap charger which are the basic parts of a good transformer. Besides the standard fittings, we also give various pools of options to our clients which could be customized as per the needs.

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On load tap changer

Off load tap changer


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©2021 Krishna Power All Rights Reserved.

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